Wellness Programes

Wellness Programes


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€ 100

Rejuvenation Therapy

Rejuvenation therapy is a famous Ayurvedic Treatment protocol that helps to keep your youthfulness and vigor at your zenith. The therapy is not adding years to your life, but it improves the quality of life that you spend. It promotes radiating and healthy life.

REJUVENATION THERAPY consists of various intrinsic Ayurveda Procedures including herbal oil massage and steam bath.

Detoxification /Purification Therapy

Due to the lifestyle and food habits in today’s scenario, impurities accumulate in the body. Detoxification or Purification is very essential to stay healthy and disease at abeyance. This therapy purifies and cleanses one’s body from inside and vitalizes the entire system of the body. The 3 humours of our body (the Tridoshas) namely Vatha, Pitha, and Kapha, which when exceeds and trespasses the boundary of healthy limits, the body faces various ailments and diseases. DETOXIFICATION THERAPY helps in restoring the balance between these Tridoshas in the body. Therapy comprises treatments like Panchakarma, Swedanakarma, etc.

Naari-Reksha (for Menopausal age)

A transitional period in a woman’s age- THE MENOPAUSAL AGE… 

After the age of 45yrs, every female is towards a path of both physical and emotional challenges that bring a lot of change in her body , mainly due to the hormonal imbalance that is happening. Through NAARI-REKSHA program, we aim to restore the hormonal imbalance happening during this period, which may pave way to osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. NAARI – REKSHA is a natural healthy method including different therapies like Snehapanam, Abhyangam, Patrapindaswedanam, etc. towards a new world of happiness and prosperity of health.

Stress Management Program

Ayurveda has very effective keys to open up a stress free life… And through this package we give  COMPLETE AND EFFECTIVE treatments to beat the stressful life prevailing in today’s scenario. Relaxing your mind and body in a completely natural way is the significance in this package. This program emphasizes on treatments like Abhyangam, Kizhi, Sirodhara etc.

Spine Care Program

Spine is the core pillar of the human body and health of the spine has to be taken care of with utmost importance. Our SPINE CARE PROGRAMME is designed to give that care to your spine, the extended brain, naturally. This program includes treatments for lower back pain, cervical pain, brachial neuralgia, intervertebral disc prolapse etc.

Your spine is given the most important care through treatments like Abyangam, Kadivasthi, Elakkizhi, Mathravasthi etc.

Weight Loss Program

 It doesn’t matter how you look to be a wonderful human. But over weight/ obesity can cause various health issues in the body. The AYURVEDIC WEIGHT LOSS Program promotes healthy weight loss and renovation of the body in a healthy way.

It consists of different therapies like Dhanyamla Dhara, Herbal steam bath, Udwarthanam, Virechanam etc., along with an expertised slimming diet and few weight loss exercises.

Maathrukalpam (Post Delivery Care)

A mother is born along with the child, and her body needs the care and protection as the baby does. It is a transitional period which is more fragile until she regains her pre- pregnancy condition. We have designed our MAATHRUKALPAM package to restore her physical as well as mental health. Physical and mental health of a mother influences the baby, and for which she has to be strong enough. Our program consists of only herbal preparations which are safe for both mother and baby, and is completely free of side effects.

A Clinic for Life Style Disorders

Ayurveda emphasis on healthy living to ensure a healthy society for tomorrow. The different therapies and medicines aim at maintaining a healthy state of mind, body and soul that leads to happy and healthy living. For guaranteed results, we offer naturopathic medications, diet and other treatments including therapeutic yoga.

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